Mobile Hydraulics

Many years of repairing the competitor’s features inspired HydraCom to design, test, and produce their version of the “perfect mouse trap.” HydraCom’s attention to using only quality materials in its manufacturing process only enhances its performance like no other. All stainless steel cabinet construction that has been precision laser cut to .0001 of an inch means reliability, great appearance, and corrosion resistance just to name a few.

A HydraCom system is designed to cool, direct, and filter hydraulic oil needed to off-load such products as propane, anhydrous, asphalt, liquid fuel, fertilizer, milk, food-grade materials, etc. HydraCom is engineered to run efficiently with an automatic electric fan activated by the PTO air switch, operating the fan through the entire unloading process, no toggle switches, no added circuitry, no overheating, no problems!

HydraCom Model HC30GSSEF has a full feather spool valve for rotation of an orbiting motor in both directions. It also houses a pressure relief valve in case of a “dead head” situation. When plumbed properly, HydraCom will perform trouble and leak free for many, many years.

HydracomModel HC30GSSEF

Photo of the Hydracom system used to cool, direct, and filter hydraulic oil needed to off-load products like propane, anhydrous, asphalt, and more.Download the Reference Manual

Easy to Install
  • All pressure, suction and spool ports are below the frame for easy access.
  • Mounting holes are 5.625″ apart on the vertical, catching Kenworth cross member holes.
  • Stainless steel cabinet construction: No paint. No corrosion!
  • All O-ring and JIC fluid connections for a no-leak installation.
  • Donaldson-style filter with a no-mess, no-drain replacement.
  • Electric fan with an automatic pressure switch activated by the PTO switch. No external toggle switch.
  • All weather pack connections for the electrical.
  • A complete mounting kit included.
  • Built-in Control Valve for forward and reverse motor operation.
  • Shock rubber mounted between the truck frame and the unit.
  • MAX GPM: 30
  • MAX PSI: 5000 PSI (factory relief set at 2150 psi)
  • RESERVOIR: 4.5 GAL (total; system holds 6-7 gallons on a normal road tractor.
  • FRAME HOLE DIMENSION: 17” x 5.625”
  • DRY WEIGHT: 97 LBS (including valve and plumbing)
  • OVERALL DIMENSION (including mounting tabs): 20” Wide, 21.5” From Frame Out, 23” Tall (will fit behind t-600 skirts)
  • 3 Year Warranty