Motorcycle Towing

Photo of a motorcyle being loaded onto a trailer to be towed.

We are happy to handle ALL of your towing & road side assistance needs from light to medium, to heavy recovery, long distance transport, major engine repairs, electronic diagnostics to large fabrication projects.

Don’t let a great day of riding on the open road end with frustration or turmoil. Call us, we can transport your disabled motorcycle back to your destination, worry-free. We will always be there for you. Be prepared for the unthinkable and save our number today at 800-772-5602.

If you know you are closest to the Kieler, Wisconsin office, give us a call at 608-568-3257. If you know you are closest to the Galena, Illinois location, give us a call at 815-777-3257.

If you are unsure, head to our Locations page to get site details such as our address and maps to ensure for a smoother process.

Both facilities provide a variety of services; including truck service, fabrication, hydraulic repairs, towing, transport, emergency recovery, road assistance, heavy duty recovery.

Let us know where you are stuck at and give us a call today at 800-772-5602! We look forward to providing professional service when needed. This way, you can get back to doing what you love, riding your motorcycle out in the open.