Vehicle Recovery

Recovery Services

Photo of a light duty tow truck receiving and towing a vehicle in the ditch.Light Duty <10,000 lbs. GVW. Our fleet of light duty tow trucks is designed to haul all types of cars and light trucks with state of the art flatbed or wheel lift systems.

We specialize in damage-free motorcycle transport and have specific carriers designed to haul all makes and models of motorcycles.

Medium Duty <17,999 lbs. GVW. Our fleet of medium duty tow trucks can transport 1-to utility trucks, cube and step vans, motor homes and trailers.

Photo of a heavy duty tow truck receiving and towing a tractor trailer on the side of the road.Heavy Duty <49,999 lbs. GVW Our Heavy Duty tow truck have up to four winches with capabilities of 50,000 lbs. per winch and a boom capacity of 65 tons Our operators have years of experience winching a variety of vehicles and equipment including: tractor-trailers, concrete trucks, dump trucks and heavy excavation equipment. We staff fully certified operators for up-righting, winching and safely returning vehicles to the roadway and job sites.

Off-Road Recovery

Photo of farm equipment submerged in mud awaiting Guy's Towing and Service's off-road recovery servicesRecovering your car, jeep, ATV, farm or construction equipment can present a variety of challenges, especially if the vehicle has been stuck in some rugged, muddy terrain. There’s only one name you should trust to get your precious automobile safely out of that particular jam – Guy’s Towing and Service.

Off-road recovery and winching of: mobile cranes, tracked cranes tracked excavators, dozers, dumpers and equipment, heavy plant and equipment, pipe lines and cable, Tractors, other agricultural equipment, and boats / barges.

Air Cushion Recovery

Utilizing this technology, over turned vehicles may be up righted without the costly offloading of cargo, by distributing the force of lifting over a large surface area.

Large air cushions are placed strategically under the casualty and they are pumped up with compressed air to lift them gently back to an upright position.

The versatility of air cushions also enables recovery in tight quarters.

Guy’s Towing and Service use low pressure cushions up to 50 tons lift capacity. Uses include: raising loaded trailers, tankers and airplanes.

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